Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hi guys

so in my last post did i mention i'm going to be extremely bored over the next 6weeks? Hmmm nope i don't think i did, lol. Well, I AM!!! And to prevent myself going a little stir crazy i thought i'd do something i havent done in a while likeee decorate my nails for this years upcoming special occasion... HALLOWEEN. I'm not sure if many of you have noticed but this time of year is always covered by the thought that yes its nearly christmas, i hate that this happens, year in and year out especially seen as i am.. AN OCTOBER BABY!

Don't get me wrong people, i love christmas.. maybe not so much this year i'm feeling very scrooge like and scary..anyway haha.. so to hide the fact nearly everyone on my facebook and twitter has gone christmasy already i decided to spook it up with my halloween bat nails! :)

waaaa-la!!! Say hello to my little friends :). 

Now, this look really isn't hard to do at all. honestly i'v never tried doing a bat design before or use a glitter to make the sunset effect but this was seriously as easy as eating cake & that ladies is one of my finest talents ;). 
            jokes, how are you all finding my oh so humorous side? looool. it needs some improving i know!

back on with the show.. 
to do this all i used

The new Rimmel precious stones nail polish available at superdrug
again another Rimmel polish in black - i love Rimmel polish's 
OPI clear polish
The 2 glitter pots i brought with an acrylic nail kit but you can probably purchase them off ebay really cheap, one was just an orange glitter dust, and the other a yellow/orange sparkle slices - i'm not sure what its called sorry lol!
a dotting tool, also can be found on ebay anddd finally 2 black rhinestones for the bats bodies. 

Now the hardest part i found, was actually painting the bats lol. 
1. i applied the clear polish to the tip of my ring finger nail and sprinkled the orange glitter dust on thickly, shaking off any loose bits..
2. i then applied the clear polish over that to seal it allow it to dry.. 
3. put a little bit of polish above the orange dust and sprinkle on the "sliced sprinkles" 
4. repeat step 2 applying clear polish all over the nail.
5. whilst this drys paint all the other nails in the Rimmel precious stones polish - this does require a few layers so be patient and make sure you let it dry. 
6. BATS! i used a small amount of black polish, using my dotting tool i did a few simple dots one been larger in the middle and smaller on the wings. 
7. do a "join the dots" theory. 
8. apply a rhinestone to the larger bat in the centre of it of course. 
9. apply clear coat to seal. 

and waa-la you are done! 
I will try and see IF i could possibly do a small youtube tutorial for you on my sisters account and hopefully that will be of more use! :) 

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are any of you doing something fun for halloween? 
share any ideas or nail designs you might do this halloween! 

peace out beauts, xo

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