Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hi guys

so in my last post did i mention i'm going to be extremely bored over the next 6weeks? Hmmm nope i don't think i did, lol. Well, I AM!!! And to prevent myself going a little stir crazy i thought i'd do something i havent done in a while likeee decorate my nails for this years upcoming special occasion... HALLOWEEN. I'm not sure if many of you have noticed but this time of year is always covered by the thought that yes its nearly christmas, i hate that this happens, year in and year out especially seen as i am.. AN OCTOBER BABY!

Don't get me wrong people, i love christmas.. maybe not so much this year i'm feeling very scrooge like and scary..anyway haha.. so to hide the fact nearly everyone on my facebook and twitter has gone christmasy already i decided to spook it up with my halloween bat nails! :)

waaaa-la!!! Say hello to my little friends :). 

Now, this look really isn't hard to do at all. honestly i'v never tried doing a bat design before or use a glitter to make the sunset effect but this was seriously as easy as eating cake & that ladies is one of my finest talents ;). 
            jokes, how are you all finding my oh so humorous side? looool. it needs some improving i know!

back on with the show.. 
to do this all i used

The new Rimmel precious stones nail polish available at superdrug
again another Rimmel polish in black - i love Rimmel polish's 
OPI clear polish
The 2 glitter pots i brought with an acrylic nail kit but you can probably purchase them off ebay really cheap, one was just an orange glitter dust, and the other a yellow/orange sparkle slices - i'm not sure what its called sorry lol!
a dotting tool, also can be found on ebay anddd finally 2 black rhinestones for the bats bodies. 

Now the hardest part i found, was actually painting the bats lol. 
1. i applied the clear polish to the tip of my ring finger nail and sprinkled the orange glitter dust on thickly, shaking off any loose bits..
2. i then applied the clear polish over that to seal it allow it to dry.. 
3. put a little bit of polish above the orange dust and sprinkle on the "sliced sprinkles" 
4. repeat step 2 applying clear polish all over the nail.
5. whilst this drys paint all the other nails in the Rimmel precious stones polish - this does require a few layers so be patient and make sure you let it dry. 
6. BATS! i used a small amount of black polish, using my dotting tool i did a few simple dots one been larger in the middle and smaller on the wings. 
7. do a "join the dots" theory. 
8. apply a rhinestone to the larger bat in the centre of it of course. 
9. apply clear coat to seal. 

and waa-la you are done! 
I will try and see IF i could possibly do a small youtube tutorial for you on my sisters account and hopefully that will be of more use! :) 

I hope you like the post guys! please leave a comment and follow me. 
visit my twitter to i'm always sharing wild pictures and comments about things. 

are any of you doing something fun for halloween? 
share any ideas or nail designs you might do this halloween! 

peace out beauts, xo

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'm back

Hello beauty's 

It's been so long since I wrote on my blog, but I've decided I'm going to give it another go. WOO!

Your probably wandered what has brought me back to my few square inches of glory on the internet, well to be honest I had a car crash last week to remember the date as a small reminder to myself 2nd October at about 2.30pm. I ended up breaking some bones in my foot resorting to me been of work for 6weeks. So yes I am back to either bore or entertain you all. 

I've changed my hair since I wrote my last post, I am a BLONDE. However this is not going to last much long as my ends appear to be going afro on me!! #baddamage 
I'll be turning back to a brunette soon enough. But i will be writing a post tomorrow possibly about the journey to becoming a blonde.. all the do's and all the dont's! 

If you want to catch up with me and see what I am doing on a day to day basis i have turned to twitter to write the majority of tweets about all kinds of random things. give me a folloooow. i tweet some utter crap at times, but hey ho i'm only here to entertain you. ;) 


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hollywood Smile

Hello again lovelies, I'm sure you'll be fed up of seeing me soon ;) haha, oj! 

I went shopping with my sister the other day and we were in Olivers which is a shop which just sells everything and we found these two different tooth whiteners, we said we would review an item similar to each other and compare the differences and so I got the "instant" one. And I've used it twice today which it says is ok to do & I can't say there's like a massive difference but their is a slight difference :) they definitely look a tiny amount whiter :). 

For £1.29 I think it was a good buy, I'd love to have my teeth whiter so I'm hoping this will help and if not I'll have to try and review something else for you. 

In the mean time, do you guys use any interesting teeth whiteners or have you tried one? 
Any tips and tricks? 

Peace beauts, xo
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Monday, 2 April 2012

The Only Way Is Laurens Way

Hello again ladies, I'm keeping up to date with some posts for you so far lol! So if you remember I said I came out in a nasty rash and I thought it was my tan so I stayed off it but it seemed I was actually on some medication for an infection and I think that may have caused it as I was on it again last week and had a major reaction and break out again but far worse this time. I felt disgusting and horrid, kept myself all covered up and missed out on all this gorgeous sunshine. 

So anyway I did invest in some new tan, LaurensWay tan. I brought the lotion I got 20% off which was good so I brought it for £15 I think it was meant to be £19 (think anyway lol) So far I love it I've only tried a tiny amount on my leg to see how it comes out and when I first applied it, it is instant and I just loved it, the tan doesn't smell at all I think it kind of smells like a soap a fresh just washed smell so your safe to use it just before going out with out worrying about that awful tan smell haha. 

I will be writing a further review with before and after pictures so you can see the difference :). 

Have you tried LaurensWay tan? If not do you have a favourite? 

Peace beauts, xo

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Teeny Tiny..


This is such a random random post ladies but I tend to buy a back of 20 cans I think from my local pound stretcher to take to work with me save paying £1.80 a bottle I buy the 20 for £5!! But anyway I went down on friday to buy some and their having a move to another bigger store so it just happened they didn't have the can's I normally buy. GUTTED!! So instead I brought 4 packs of 6 for I think £5 again so I got 24 all together but for just the 6 pack their £1.49. And not just did I get a good bargain but the bottle is so cute too!!

Do you all agree? Do you easily think objects are cute, even if there not meant to be...? 

Peace beauts, xo

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Turquoise Times

Hello beauts, are you all enjoying the weather it is beautiful! And nothing better then going out and spending your money on a new summery outfit for a night out over Easter weekend :P. So I ordered a top from new look for £16.99 and I had it delivered straight to my house I only ordered it Wednesday and it arrived yesterday! What made me even more excited was the fact that when I opened the pack it came in it was sent with its own little hanger and was in a plastic bag, so impressed haha. Good delivery service. Well, I am in love with the colour of this top and also the pattern on it, it is a little more see-threw then I realised but I think it's really pretty and just makes me feel nice. It is a crop top but that's ok because to go with it I brought some denim shorts from boohoo for £20, which I thought was quite cheap especially for denim shorts and their so well fitted. I can't wait to wear it all out together and post some pictures of the whole outfit! 

What do you think of the colour? 
Any plans to go out over Easter weekend? 

Peace beauts. xo 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Mr Moustache UPDATE.

Hello :), so I said I would upload some pictures of how big my "mr moustache" necklace actually is and here they are. Can you see what I mean buy it actually isn't that big! Teeny Tiny! I still love it though and can't wait to have some fun and games wearing it. 

Have any of you brought a mr moustache item yet? 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fresh ink

Bloggers, hello! 

So today I have been sat listening to my sister talk about how she would like her first tattoo. And of course got me a little curious and I started to look around and already having 2 I thought well another one isn't going to cause any harm and I've actually fell in love with the idea of having a dream catcher tattooed on me? 

Why a dream catcher? I find them so key catching and beautiful, I just love how they look. The colours, feathers and shapes. I've got one in my room and I love it - so I thought why not :). I haven't done it yet as you can have guessed but it's on my new to-do list!

Just one other question really. Where to have it? I don't want it to be massive although it would be nice, but I just don't want it huge. 
Where do you suggest? Ankle, upper leg, in-between shoulders, neck, foot? 


Do you have any interesting tattoos? 
Did you find them painful, because oddly I found them rather relaxing :). 

peace beauts x 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Mr Moustache

Hello my fellow followers! 
Major apologies for the lack of posts again the past 2weeks, I appear to be living at either my sisters house - so I can spend as much time as possible with my nephew, or working! But however I had to share this purchase with you as I have had a little crazy obsession with the whole moustache thing, y'know a lot of girls have been drawing them on their finger? LOL. Well I decided to go a step further and actually have a moustache to get my pose on with (hahaha)

"You can't have a good time, if you don't make it a fun time". 
This will be making an appearance on the 7th for a night out with my beloved sister and all my good friends, can't wait to see what they think. Also going to be treating myself to a new top, I've already got some denim shorts and hopefully going to purchase some LaurensWay fake tan this weekend, as ladies she is having a 20% OFF EVENT ALL WEEKEND, STARTING NOW!! Can't wait to have a slight bit of Essex about me. 

Anyway, the necklace btw was only cheap £6 from River Island and it's not actually as big as I thought it was online, it's really quite small, but I'm still in love with it. When I can, I'll add on a "life size" image for you :). Hope you like it, are you all about a moustache?

What are your latest buys? Anybody got a night out planned soon?
And btw are you not super excited to buy yourself some LaurensWay tan?!! TIME TO GET ON IT. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hi lovely ladies. 

So recently I wrote you a review saying how much I loved St-moriz tan and I've got to say the last few times I have applied it I've been getting a little put off. The tan is actually starting (and yes I know through excessive use tans can permanently stain) but, it is staining on like the part of my arm which you bend, the elbow area. So when I go to re-apply after I have exfoliated &moisturised the marks are still there so the tan doesn't actually go on as nice as what I would like. It looks a little tacky in all honesty. I actually loved St-moriz but I don't fancy looking patchy on my arms? Although I suppose it was bound to happen when you only pay £4 for tan!

So I am considering trying a £6 tan called Solait it's superdrugs own brand my friend Lowri recently tried it for her birthday night out and it actually looked amazing! Doesn't smell half as bad as the St-moriz tan did either. I know £6 is still cheap but it's worth a try. I might also try some more Rimmel tans as I always apply a lotion before I go out of the Rimmel tan, which is a little more expensive.

Any body got any tips I could try before I give up on St-moriz all together? Any body suggest some good tans for me to try?

Peace out beauts xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Camera, Action

This beauty is my new pride and joy, the object of my current happiness. I will guard this with my life haha! The Samsung PL120 camera, just a few words to describe it. It is AMAZING. I literally am in love with this camera, I wasn't to sure about getting a Samsung camera as my previous one was Samsung and it hasn't really lasted like I thought it would, but this one is actually so amazing, its super duper light also it's purple which I love as i am a slight colour freak! The front screen actually isn't noticeable when the screen isn't on so no one would know its there, this is going to come in so handy though for when I'm taking pictures of my newest outfits for you say, I can make sure the picture is showing the whole outfit and not sure my top half lol. It also has "children mode" which basically means when I select this mode the front screen kinda turns into a t.v I'd say and plays a little bird in a plain with music just to encourage a child to smile which is also going to come in handy with my little nephew. Overall so far I love this camera, I haven't had any problems yet so fingers crossed it's stays like this forever.  

What do you all think of my new camera, like it? 
What kind of camera do you use? Any tips and tricks anyone knows for this camera I can try? 

Peace out beauts 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birthday madness

The other weekend was my friends birthday I was telling you all about, turns out she absolutely loved the surprise and now she has had it I can tell you all what was planned. Originally we were all going to go to shrewsbury for a night out but unfortunately people dropped out so it was going to cost to much to get there and back, so I suggested going for a meal, text all the girls and we came up with the little plan of putting up a little buffet of food at our friends house for Lowri so we could just drink and eat without the hassle of sitting in a restaurant turns out she was really happy with the idea and we had a great laugh. The camera's however didn't last long enough to take pictures all night as we all had a few to many "birthday celebration" drinks haha. 

I'm really glad Lowri liked her surprise as she does alot for all her friends and deserved to have a great night! Love this girl with all my heart as she is one of the best friends I have. love you little miss Lowri Jones :) So for you girls reading this remember to always show your friends you care and give them a little surprise every once in a while because true friends are so so hard to come across! 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Back with a vengeance


So I have some great news, I finally have my new camera and seriously I can't wait to get some posts up about some of the new things I have brought over the past month lol! It really has been quite a while since I wrote to you about anything so I am super excited. And I can't wait to show of my new camera and talk to you about all it's awesome features. I'm like a child at christmas haha! 

Anyway, I'm hopefully going to start filling your blogging home pages tomorrow or maybe Monday at the latest as I'm working all weekend! 
So guys, tell me what have you all been doing? I'm slightly excited for one other reason and that reason been my holiday is next month eeeeek, so I'm super duper stocked up for that too BUT on another note I almost had heart failure yesterday as the company we booked our flights with emailed my boyfriend saying there had been a flight schedule change and when I rang they had actually tried taking a day off our holiday - so even though I'm not the moody nasty person I had to tell her straight I clearly wasn't happy that this had happened and thankfully they put us back on the original days just at different times and at a different airport so pheeeew, all sorted :). 
Have any of you booked a holiday? Talking of holidays I should really go and call the company we booked with to make sure there aware of our changes haha! Oops, so that mean's I'll have to love and leave you all. I hope you liked my little random rant and I didn't bore you, I pinky swear I'm going to have loads to fill you in on next week. 

love you beauts, keep commenting and following! :) 

P.s I'm also going to be posting and update on some of the food rings I posted about back in January as I haven't actually got round to buying one yet BUT I'm loving some of the new designs they have so fingers crossed I'm going to buy one soon :). Have any of you got a food ring? nomnom. 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stranger danger!

Hi guys, I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks. unfortunately my camera is officially broken and my phone is a pain in the butt to use! So I'm awaiting for a new camera. 

But I promise you when it arrives I have got so much stuff to fill you up on. Reviews, and a very special night out with my BFF miss Lowri Jones :). Got a major surprise for her coming up and can not wait for her to see it ;). I can't say any more though as I'm thinking she might read this.. HI LOW! 

I ordered an acrylic nail kit with 12 different acrylic colours yesterday can't wait to try it out. Also brought a nail file drill with it which has already arrived. I've been buying alot of bits for my nails as I love doing them! Got a dotting tool set too, oh I just can't wait to have a new camera and review the items for you! 
I've dyed my hair today which is totally different to my normal colour, it's gone from red to a dark dark "mystic black" it's got a hint of purple and I love it, suits my clip in extensions so I am hopefully going to wear them for our night out the weekend, of course I've had to cut them to the same shape as my bob but it's really helped to thicken it up. I am looking into buying some micro loop ring hair extensions which should last 3months? But I haven't brought them yet :). 

What have you been doing while I've been away, any news? 

peace out till next time beauts x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Girl behind the mask

Hey guys, so I went out on Saturday and thought I'd have a cheeky make up trial run the other night and decided to post you some pictures because if you haven't noticed yet I only decided to do the one side of my face! Crazzzzzy 'ey? Well anyway, all the items I used are in the above picture, all great products definitely good stuff and you know its good make up when your coming to the end of the night and you look around and notice how everyone's make up is of and yours is still ok. Bonus!!   

Above is just a picture I took with my flash to show you that I literally just did the one side of my face and no I'm not naturally that tanned I had put on some fake tan before hand to give myself a glow and just helped you see that one side isn't tanned at all! 

Finally, I found some Rimmel eye shadow in my draw and thought randomly I'd decided to use it to colour my eyebrow in with it, and it actually looked really nice! :) Definitely might consider it in the future. 

So what do you all think of my half face on half face off. I don't have amazing skin but I really don't wear that much make up either. Doing this post and looking back at the pictures has really made me reconsider wearing it like every little trip out the house I make. I'd like to say that to all you girls we don't need loads of make up to look gorgeous we are all gorgeous inside & out! I hope that me throwing this on here has made you all have a little bit of courage and perhaps helped you think that we shouldn't use make up to hide behind it. :) 

love to my beauts 

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey guys, I haven't managed to fix my camera but I've taken some pictures using my phone just of the clothes not me in them for you to see a proper look of them sorry. So they probably all look hideous, do you ever look at clothes on the hanger and think urrgh?! Right well here the few bits are. And it literally is a few bits because I realised most of  them were from ebay and one i forgot to take a picture of sorry! lol, more excuses to post to yoooou though :) 

Trousers they were £17 but I got them on the sale for £7! Woo

Vest £6.99

I am in love with this vest, the colour is great I'm a big fan of greens and I do love mickey mouse too. Aw it's perfect :) I got this for £9.99