Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey guys, I haven't managed to fix my camera but I've taken some pictures using my phone just of the clothes not me in them for you to see a proper look of them sorry. So they probably all look hideous, do you ever look at clothes on the hanger and think urrgh?! Right well here the few bits are. And it literally is a few bits because I realised most of  them were from ebay and one i forgot to take a picture of sorry! lol, more excuses to post to yoooou though :) 

Trousers they were £17 but I got them on the sale for £7! Woo

Vest £6.99

I am in love with this vest, the colour is great I'm a big fan of greens and I do love mickey mouse too. Aw it's perfect :) I got this for £9.99

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  1. Mickey! I haven't seen him in a while :)