Thursday, 9 February 2012

60 seconds

So you wouldn't think much would happen in 60 seconds would you? Wrong, with Rimmel's 60 second's fast dry nail polish a lot can happen! I love painting my nails and doing funky designs  especially with the Rimmel nail polish, I don't have fancy tools to do the designs so I just become creative and use whatever I can find lol. 

Anyway I thought I'd just do another review as my camera still is a piece of rubbbbbish! (starting to really annoy me now lol) Back to the subject anyway, I think Rimmel is a great product is actually does dry within the 60seconds which is great if I'm doing a design which includes other colours, ect and I find it doesn't cheap as quickly as other polishes do. 
I do use a lot of other polishes too but Rimmel has got to be my favourite, I just love that it dries fast, I mean don't you just hate it when your painting your nails and then you have to sit around for ages till they dry? Well fear no more, just buy Rimmel and get back that extra hour or so of waiting for your nails to dry! 

What nail polishes do you use? Any recommendations?

P.S. I'm going out the weekend and always do something funky with my nails so using my phone camera I'll take some pictures for you. 
P.P.S. I will also try and upload my own nail polish colours for you :). 


  1. i love making my nails matte for going out on weekends looks different to other people! :) x

    1. Yeah, i don't like having the same kind of nails at least if i do them i know they look different ;) Thanks again xx