Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How to survive..

Roughly I've been apart of the blogging seen for about a month now and I'm just starting to wander is it worth it? I do enjoy doing the posts for people to look at and read about but it feels like nobody else is interested by what I write, what am I doing wrong?! Some people are interested and I've had a few comments but not much at all, I just want to know I'm not doing this blog and wasting time :(

If any one has some advice about how I could make my blog more appealing to others then please comment below and don't feel shy about what you write i want the truth. 

Thanks xox


  1. Be patient and give it time. When I first started blogging I have very few followers and slowly over time I've built it up. Don't compare yourself to other blogs otherwise you'll lose the passion to keep going. Follow people on blogger and twitter as I've built a lot of relationships on twitter, and a lot of people find blogs via twitter so make sure you have your link on your about me on there and randomly post your link and people will be intrigued. Look up NetworkedBlogs on Facebook and link you posts to your twitter so it updates every time you write a post. Hope this helps and good luck xxx

    1. Aw thank you so much :) means alot, seen that i gained 2 followers in a day has really inspired me to keep going. I guess it just takes time like anything else does. Thanks so much for the confidence boost though, i'll definitely start posting links to twitter :)

      Thanks again :) xxx