Friday, 10 February 2012

Gaga style

Yo ho's, for all of you followers who obviously don't know for my 21st last October - yes, lucky me I can get away with fancy dress every year because my birthdays always on halloween weekend! So for last years dress up me and my girlies did a Lady Gaga themed birthday & it was so much fun, I have got to give one certain girl of mine little miss Lowi jones a special thanks as she actually went all out and made her own Gaga inspired outfit and in all honesty we were the only 2 looking Gaga style unfortunately but I still had an amazing night. For my outfit I wore; a blazer, lace top, home made disco ball bra, wet look leggings, funky jewellery and ankle breaking heels.

Electrifying lightening bolts. 
To do the lightening bolt she is oh so famous for I brought a small pot of blue face paint used a make up brush and some liquid eye liner + glitter pot! I drew on a lightening bolt this takes patience lol, with my liquid eye liner, then applied the blue face paint in then with a sponge before it dried I just applied some glitter to make it all sparkly. Annnnd your done! :) B.e.a.uuuutiful

Disco ball bra.
Now this is not made of disco ball bits unfortunately I had to be really creative with this! & it wasn't easy because of the shape of the bra, obviously its a cup so its curved - difficult when working with chopped up CD parts and glue. I brought a cheap bra from peacocks if you notice it has a slight leopard print style to it, handy because my one friend was pretty much looking leopard on the night lol. Moving on, you'll need some old CD's and a glue gun or just some really strong glue to stick the bits on. Please, please be careful when cutting up the CD parts because they do cut of quite sharp and have a tendency to fly around the room. 
It doesn't have to look perfect just throw the bits on in any place, make sure they fit next to each other though make sure you allow them to stick down so just hold them in place, use just a little extra glue on the really curved parts of the bra to keep any sharp parts stuck down, if they don't stick down think of a solution.. My solution was to use a small bit of sandpaper and just file it down :) wa-laa. hey-presto your done and your disco bra is ready to wear. 
What else I wore;

Vest - eBay £1
Blazer - Newlook £24.99
Leggings - eBay £4.99 (brought from a business) 

Just to add something a little extra I brought this funky ring from M&Co for £10, I thought it looked really Gaga as it was big and just different! Need some extra sparkle to go with your outfit? Then just do a DIY nail design, I went and got some acrylics put on my nails in a nail salon went home and applied some little rhinestones to my nails with just clear nail polish and they stuck really well, I also applied some clear polish to the top of the rhinestones just to make sure they didn't come off. 

Now then for you to enjoy some pictures of the night itself. 


  1. I really love the bra

    1. Thank you so much, i'm going to keep it just incase it comes in handy sometime :) x