Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thrills with frills

H&M - Bikini Strapless
Also comes in a black, nude pink & white
Top - £9.99
Bottoms - £7.99

River island - Halter strap bikini
Top - £15.00
Bottoms - £10.00
Love the strap is removable 

 So when you saw the pictures of bikini's I bet you thought you were about to see me half naked and have a perv didn't you? Well sorry not this time buddies. So I went shopping on Tuesday just gone with my sister Sara and friend Lowri we had a great day, nice to get out and about somewhere new. I did buy a few other bits but I haven't got around to taking pictures of them outfits yet but they will be appearing soon as I brought quite a bit, pretty sure my bank hates me. 
Well the only reason I brought these bikinis are because, one I had a massive clear out and got rid of all my old bits and pieces including swim wear ha. & having recently booked a holiday to Alcudia, Majorca with my boyfriend I am definitely going to be in need of some swim wear. I love both of these bikinis, really into the frill look at the moment - not sure why cause normally I'm boring, but these both took my eye. 

Which ones your favourite out of the two? 

P.s. When I got home and showed my parents what I had brought my dad picked up both the bikini bottoms and said "do both of these fit 'cause ones bigger then the other?!" So I admit one is bigger then the other but also one was more expensive which does allow more fabric to be used buy the designer, my face when he said this was not of amusement. Lol! Why do dads do this, WHY!? 
P.P.S. I'd also like to apologise for the quality of the last pictures in the first set, my camera is rubbish, I will be buying another one in the future. But the bikini is lime green!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, really excited to whack them on and show them off on holiday :) I'll have to post photo's after I have been. Follow me and you can see what they look like in a few months. I'm thinking of buying another one from River island too just need to pick one :) xx

  2. SUCH fun bathing suits - makes me crave warm weather and sun :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Thanks :) I think thats why I fell in love with them both cause I'm quite fun and no where near a serious person. :)

      Well I can't wait to whack these out on holiday.
      Would be great if we followed each other. xx