Monday, 6 February 2012

No room for error

So because my camera isn't charged yet still and instead of boring you with the random paragraph explaining why I haven't been posting I thought I would write a little review on "good things", a product I have been using for quite sometime now and I thing it works really well! I brought the "Deep clean, blackhead exfloliator" & "Fresh start, creamy cleanser". So yes, I do suffer from blackheads, but don't most people? Well I had enough of using products and having no results then I found this online from boots and decided I'd buy some and give it ago. 
Shockingly it works really well, after about a week or so I noticed some really big improvements. I use the creamy cleanser daily and use it to wash of my make up but I actually only use the Deep clean exfoliator about twice a week because I don't want to totally dry out my skin because yes I also suffer with dry skin! However, I would definitely recommend this product. They both cost £4.99 each which I thought was really cheap, compared to most products on the market anyway lol

So yes, when I brought these two products I was also looking for something to help me with spots! Whenever its near enough my time of the month I have a really bad break out. I thought I might as well give it ago so I brought the "Stop that spot clearing gel", all you do is apply a small amount to the area leave it on and waala the magic begins & again this worked really well! I was so impressed   and extremely happy, no plastering make up on to hide imperfections. This only cost me £4.99 too! At the time I was only encouraged to buy 3 items because they have a 3 for 2 on, so it just tempted me all the more. Lol. 
If you want to try any new facial products even if its just for a fresher feel I would 100% recommend this :) 

If you want to look at a better description of the product visit either of these two sites. Also when you get on boots to simplefy your search go into the "search box" and type in "good things" :)

What products do you use on your face? Any other recommendations I could try? 


  1. great blog! already following xx

  2. I swear my Clinique bar soap (yes BAR not the pump bottle). It's my secret weapon!


    1. Oh sounds good, my sister uses alot of Clinique and she has great results! I'll check your blog now be great if we followed each other XO