Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stranger danger!

Hi guys, I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks. unfortunately my camera is officially broken and my phone is a pain in the butt to use! So I'm awaiting for a new camera. 

But I promise you when it arrives I have got so much stuff to fill you up on. Reviews, and a very special night out with my BFF miss Lowri Jones :). Got a major surprise for her coming up and can not wait for her to see it ;). I can't say any more though as I'm thinking she might read this.. HI LOW! 

I ordered an acrylic nail kit with 12 different acrylic colours yesterday can't wait to try it out. Also brought a nail file drill with it which has already arrived. I've been buying alot of bits for my nails as I love doing them! Got a dotting tool set too, oh I just can't wait to have a new camera and review the items for you! 
I've dyed my hair today which is totally different to my normal colour, it's gone from red to a dark dark "mystic black" it's got a hint of purple and I love it, suits my clip in extensions so I am hopefully going to wear them for our night out the weekend, of course I've had to cut them to the same shape as my bob but it's really helped to thicken it up. I am looking into buying some micro loop ring hair extensions which should last 3months? But I haven't brought them yet :). 

What have you been doing while I've been away, any news? 

peace out till next time beauts x


  1. OOh new camera, I recently got a new one and snap everything!

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