Friday, 9 March 2012

Back with a vengeance


So I have some great news, I finally have my new camera and seriously I can't wait to get some posts up about some of the new things I have brought over the past month lol! It really has been quite a while since I wrote to you about anything so I am super excited. And I can't wait to show of my new camera and talk to you about all it's awesome features. I'm like a child at christmas haha! 

Anyway, I'm hopefully going to start filling your blogging home pages tomorrow or maybe Monday at the latest as I'm working all weekend! 
So guys, tell me what have you all been doing? I'm slightly excited for one other reason and that reason been my holiday is next month eeeeek, so I'm super duper stocked up for that too BUT on another note I almost had heart failure yesterday as the company we booked our flights with emailed my boyfriend saying there had been a flight schedule change and when I rang they had actually tried taking a day off our holiday - so even though I'm not the moody nasty person I had to tell her straight I clearly wasn't happy that this had happened and thankfully they put us back on the original days just at different times and at a different airport so pheeeew, all sorted :). 
Have any of you booked a holiday? Talking of holidays I should really go and call the company we booked with to make sure there aware of our changes haha! Oops, so that mean's I'll have to love and leave you all. I hope you liked my little random rant and I didn't bore you, I pinky swear I'm going to have loads to fill you in on next week. 

love you beauts, keep commenting and following! :) 

P.s I'm also going to be posting and update on some of the food rings I posted about back in January as I haven't actually got round to buying one yet BUT I'm loving some of the new designs they have so fingers crossed I'm going to buy one soon :). Have any of you got a food ring? nomnom. 

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