Saturday, 31 March 2012

Turquoise Times

Hello beauts, are you all enjoying the weather it is beautiful! And nothing better then going out and spending your money on a new summery outfit for a night out over Easter weekend :P. So I ordered a top from new look for £16.99 and I had it delivered straight to my house I only ordered it Wednesday and it arrived yesterday! What made me even more excited was the fact that when I opened the pack it came in it was sent with its own little hanger and was in a plastic bag, so impressed haha. Good delivery service. Well, I am in love with the colour of this top and also the pattern on it, it is a little more see-threw then I realised but I think it's really pretty and just makes me feel nice. It is a crop top but that's ok because to go with it I brought some denim shorts from boohoo for £20, which I thought was quite cheap especially for denim shorts and their so well fitted. I can't wait to wear it all out together and post some pictures of the whole outfit! 

What do you think of the colour? 
Any plans to go out over Easter weekend? 

Peace beauts. xo 


  1. I love this green lace top!!! Started following your blog. Would appreciate you checking out mine and following too! :)