Sunday, 1 April 2012

Teeny Tiny..


This is such a random random post ladies but I tend to buy a back of 20 cans I think from my local pound stretcher to take to work with me save paying £1.80 a bottle I buy the 20 for £5!! But anyway I went down on friday to buy some and their having a move to another bigger store so it just happened they didn't have the can's I normally buy. GUTTED!! So instead I brought 4 packs of 6 for I think £5 again so I got 24 all together but for just the 6 pack their £1.49. And not just did I get a good bargain but the bottle is so cute too!!

Do you all agree? Do you easily think objects are cute, even if there not meant to be...? 

Peace beauts, xo

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