Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stranger danger!

Hi guys, I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks. unfortunately my camera is officially broken and my phone is a pain in the butt to use! So I'm awaiting for a new camera. 

But I promise you when it arrives I have got so much stuff to fill you up on. Reviews, and a very special night out with my BFF miss Lowri Jones :). Got a major surprise for her coming up and can not wait for her to see it ;). I can't say any more though as I'm thinking she might read this.. HI LOW! 

I ordered an acrylic nail kit with 12 different acrylic colours yesterday can't wait to try it out. Also brought a nail file drill with it which has already arrived. I've been buying alot of bits for my nails as I love doing them! Got a dotting tool set too, oh I just can't wait to have a new camera and review the items for you! 
I've dyed my hair today which is totally different to my normal colour, it's gone from red to a dark dark "mystic black" it's got a hint of purple and I love it, suits my clip in extensions so I am hopefully going to wear them for our night out the weekend, of course I've had to cut them to the same shape as my bob but it's really helped to thicken it up. I am looking into buying some micro loop ring hair extensions which should last 3months? But I haven't brought them yet :). 

What have you been doing while I've been away, any news? 

peace out till next time beauts x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Girl behind the mask

Hey guys, so I went out on Saturday and thought I'd have a cheeky make up trial run the other night and decided to post you some pictures because if you haven't noticed yet I only decided to do the one side of my face! Crazzzzzy 'ey? Well anyway, all the items I used are in the above picture, all great products definitely good stuff and you know its good make up when your coming to the end of the night and you look around and notice how everyone's make up is of and yours is still ok. Bonus!!   

Above is just a picture I took with my flash to show you that I literally just did the one side of my face and no I'm not naturally that tanned I had put on some fake tan before hand to give myself a glow and just helped you see that one side isn't tanned at all! 

Finally, I found some Rimmel eye shadow in my draw and thought randomly I'd decided to use it to colour my eyebrow in with it, and it actually looked really nice! :) Definitely might consider it in the future. 

So what do you all think of my half face on half face off. I don't have amazing skin but I really don't wear that much make up either. Doing this post and looking back at the pictures has really made me reconsider wearing it like every little trip out the house I make. I'd like to say that to all you girls we don't need loads of make up to look gorgeous we are all gorgeous inside & out! I hope that me throwing this on here has made you all have a little bit of courage and perhaps helped you think that we shouldn't use make up to hide behind it. :) 

love to my beauts 

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey guys, I haven't managed to fix my camera but I've taken some pictures using my phone just of the clothes not me in them for you to see a proper look of them sorry. So they probably all look hideous, do you ever look at clothes on the hanger and think urrgh?! Right well here the few bits are. And it literally is a few bits because I realised most of  them were from ebay and one i forgot to take a picture of sorry! lol, more excuses to post to yoooou though :) 

Trousers they were £17 but I got them on the sale for £7! Woo

Vest £6.99

I am in love with this vest, the colour is great I'm a big fan of greens and I do love mickey mouse too. Aw it's perfect :) I got this for £9.99

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Heeeey! All the items in the post are from a massive spree I had on eBay. I have been on a super-saver spending spree because all the products I'm going to list below were real cheap, I don't think I spent over £2 on any of the items baring just the one, how good is that? I love love love ebay, it is great. Alot of people don't like the idea of buying of ebay because it's used or whatever but honestly I don't think I've ever brought an item that has been in real bad condition. Yes some are used and not perfect but they still look amazing, and the best part is your friends don't have to know. If there's a label on the tag tell a porky and use it? I've never lied about buying stuff of ebay because I'm not ashamed, let people think what they want to think - secretly there just jealous of the fact that they wont be able to buy the item for themselves ;). 

Enjoy beauts

I'm not sure of the brand for this bracelet but it's a teal colour should have been £10 I got it for £1!! 

Primark should have been £12 I got it for £2! 

I didn't get these off eBay these were brought of a friend there from Topshop never worn she brought them for £20 but sold them to me for £10 which I thought was a good price considering they're still brand new. 

Skirt from primark I'm not sure how much it was originally but I got it for 99p!

Vest Tesco was £10 I got it for £1.04p!

Trousers from Next originally £30 I got them for £1 - my best buy so far, so impressed with these trousers as I'm 5ft7" I find it hard getting long enough trousers and even these are too long for me, tags still intact. Massive bonus! 

& my latest buy...

Topshop originally £15 I got it for £1.50!

So what do you all think of my bargain deals from my massive spree-bay? Are you an eBay fan?
What's been your best eBay purchase? 

I hope my post has given you a new look on eBay and perhaps gets you a little more interested in buying of it. Don't judge me by where I buy my items, judge me on how I wear them. (if I look like an idiot in an outfit tell me haha, no one likes looking a mess)
Remember girls we are all beautiful on the inside, what's on the outside is just a show. 

Piece out beauts 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Gaga style

Yo ho's, for all of you followers who obviously don't know for my 21st last October - yes, lucky me I can get away with fancy dress every year because my birthdays always on halloween weekend! So for last years dress up me and my girlies did a Lady Gaga themed birthday & it was so much fun, I have got to give one certain girl of mine little miss Lowi jones a special thanks as she actually went all out and made her own Gaga inspired outfit and in all honesty we were the only 2 looking Gaga style unfortunately but I still had an amazing night. For my outfit I wore; a blazer, lace top, home made disco ball bra, wet look leggings, funky jewellery and ankle breaking heels.

Electrifying lightening bolts. 
To do the lightening bolt she is oh so famous for I brought a small pot of blue face paint used a make up brush and some liquid eye liner + glitter pot! I drew on a lightening bolt this takes patience lol, with my liquid eye liner, then applied the blue face paint in then with a sponge before it dried I just applied some glitter to make it all sparkly. Annnnd your done! :) B.e.a.uuuutiful

Disco ball bra.
Now this is not made of disco ball bits unfortunately I had to be really creative with this! & it wasn't easy because of the shape of the bra, obviously its a cup so its curved - difficult when working with chopped up CD parts and glue. I brought a cheap bra from peacocks if you notice it has a slight leopard print style to it, handy because my one friend was pretty much looking leopard on the night lol. Moving on, you'll need some old CD's and a glue gun or just some really strong glue to stick the bits on. Please, please be careful when cutting up the CD parts because they do cut of quite sharp and have a tendency to fly around the room. 
It doesn't have to look perfect just throw the bits on in any place, make sure they fit next to each other though make sure you allow them to stick down so just hold them in place, use just a little extra glue on the really curved parts of the bra to keep any sharp parts stuck down, if they don't stick down think of a solution.. My solution was to use a small bit of sandpaper and just file it down :) wa-laa. hey-presto your done and your disco bra is ready to wear. 
What else I wore;

Vest - eBay £1
Blazer - Newlook £24.99
Leggings - eBay £4.99 (brought from a business) 

Just to add something a little extra I brought this funky ring from M&Co for £10, I thought it looked really Gaga as it was big and just different! Need some extra sparkle to go with your outfit? Then just do a DIY nail design, I went and got some acrylics put on my nails in a nail salon went home and applied some little rhinestones to my nails with just clear nail polish and they stuck really well, I also applied some clear polish to the top of the rhinestones just to make sure they didn't come off. 

Now then for you to enjoy some pictures of the night itself.