Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Developing my fellowship

Hey-ho :) 
This is a very brief post just to thank all my gorgeous followers so far for making me feel a thousand times happier about blogging. I can not believe that in just a a week I've gone from having 3 followers to now having 17, YAY! Really hope my future posts will keep you interested or just help you out with those typical daily girls problems that men don't have to worry about lol. I'm just over-the moon to have some followers hopefully I'll gain more too. I think perhaps in the near future I might have to consider a give away :).

Annnnyway what have you all been doing today, been busy?
I've had an easy day just a quick visit to see my doc - nothing to worry about, just routine check up! And then stopped by to see my beautiful nephew as he had his first jabs yesterday and hasn't been to happy about them since + he's full of a cold and teething problems so the little man needed a cuddle from his Auntie. 
Do any of you have nieces, nephews or just know someone with a baby, any funny stories?


  1. Once i was late for work so wen my nephew came home i couldnt stay and talk. had to run to work.
    she got so pisd off she dint talk 2 me for 2 days!!
    i have a "delicious giveaway on my blog.
    would love it if u can take a look.
    megha -

    1. Aw no way, luckily he's only 11weeks old so he doesn't understand stuff like that just yet but when he can talk and stuff I can imagine he'd do something similar haha! Aww I'll check it out now.

  2. Love the blog, hope you get more followers you deserve it! :)

    Melissa x

    1. Aw thanks so much :) means alot, hopefully I'll get more soon :) xx