Saturday, 11 February 2012


Heeeey! All the items in the post are from a massive spree I had on eBay. I have been on a super-saver spending spree because all the products I'm going to list below were real cheap, I don't think I spent over £2 on any of the items baring just the one, how good is that? I love love love ebay, it is great. Alot of people don't like the idea of buying of ebay because it's used or whatever but honestly I don't think I've ever brought an item that has been in real bad condition. Yes some are used and not perfect but they still look amazing, and the best part is your friends don't have to know. If there's a label on the tag tell a porky and use it? I've never lied about buying stuff of ebay because I'm not ashamed, let people think what they want to think - secretly there just jealous of the fact that they wont be able to buy the item for themselves ;). 

Enjoy beauts

I'm not sure of the brand for this bracelet but it's a teal colour should have been £10 I got it for £1!! 

Primark should have been £12 I got it for £2! 

I didn't get these off eBay these were brought of a friend there from Topshop never worn she brought them for £20 but sold them to me for £10 which I thought was a good price considering they're still brand new. 

Skirt from primark I'm not sure how much it was originally but I got it for 99p!

Vest Tesco was £10 I got it for £1.04p!

Trousers from Next originally £30 I got them for £1 - my best buy so far, so impressed with these trousers as I'm 5ft7" I find it hard getting long enough trousers and even these are too long for me, tags still intact. Massive bonus! 

& my latest buy...

Topshop originally £15 I got it for £1.50!

So what do you all think of my bargain deals from my massive spree-bay? Are you an eBay fan?
What's been your best eBay purchase? 

I hope my post has given you a new look on eBay and perhaps gets you a little more interested in buying of it. Don't judge me by where I buy my items, judge me on how I wear them. (if I look like an idiot in an outfit tell me haha, no one likes looking a mess)
Remember girls we are all beautiful on the inside, what's on the outside is just a show. 

Piece out beauts 

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