Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birthday madness

The other weekend was my friends birthday I was telling you all about, turns out she absolutely loved the surprise and now she has had it I can tell you all what was planned. Originally we were all going to go to shrewsbury for a night out but unfortunately people dropped out so it was going to cost to much to get there and back, so I suggested going for a meal, text all the girls and we came up with the little plan of putting up a little buffet of food at our friends house for Lowri so we could just drink and eat without the hassle of sitting in a restaurant turns out she was really happy with the idea and we had a great laugh. The camera's however didn't last long enough to take pictures all night as we all had a few to many "birthday celebration" drinks haha. 

I'm really glad Lowri liked her surprise as she does alot for all her friends and deserved to have a great night! Love this girl with all my heart as she is one of the best friends I have. love you little miss Lowri Jones :) So for you girls reading this remember to always show your friends you care and give them a little surprise every once in a while because true friends are so so hard to come across! 

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