Sunday, 11 March 2012

Camera, Action

This beauty is my new pride and joy, the object of my current happiness. I will guard this with my life haha! The Samsung PL120 camera, just a few words to describe it. It is AMAZING. I literally am in love with this camera, I wasn't to sure about getting a Samsung camera as my previous one was Samsung and it hasn't really lasted like I thought it would, but this one is actually so amazing, its super duper light also it's purple which I love as i am a slight colour freak! The front screen actually isn't noticeable when the screen isn't on so no one would know its there, this is going to come in so handy though for when I'm taking pictures of my newest outfits for you say, I can make sure the picture is showing the whole outfit and not sure my top half lol. It also has "children mode" which basically means when I select this mode the front screen kinda turns into a t.v I'd say and plays a little bird in a plain with music just to encourage a child to smile which is also going to come in handy with my little nephew. Overall so far I love this camera, I haven't had any problems yet so fingers crossed it's stays like this forever.  

What do you all think of my new camera, like it? 
What kind of camera do you use? Any tips and tricks anyone knows for this camera I can try? 

Peace out beauts 

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  1. I really wanted a new camera...and i am considering samsung.