Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fresh ink

Bloggers, hello! 

So today I have been sat listening to my sister talk about how she would like her first tattoo. And of course got me a little curious and I started to look around and already having 2 I thought well another one isn't going to cause any harm and I've actually fell in love with the idea of having a dream catcher tattooed on me? 

Why a dream catcher? I find them so key catching and beautiful, I just love how they look. The colours, feathers and shapes. I've got one in my room and I love it - so I thought why not :). I haven't done it yet as you can have guessed but it's on my new to-do list!

Just one other question really. Where to have it? I don't want it to be massive although it would be nice, but I just don't want it huge. 
Where do you suggest? Ankle, upper leg, in-between shoulders, neck, foot? 


Do you have any interesting tattoos? 
Did you find them painful, because oddly I found them rather relaxing :). 

peace beauts x 

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