Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hi lovely ladies. 

So recently I wrote you a review saying how much I loved St-moriz tan and I've got to say the last few times I have applied it I've been getting a little put off. The tan is actually starting (and yes I know through excessive use tans can permanently stain) but, it is staining on like the part of my arm which you bend, the elbow area. So when I go to re-apply after I have exfoliated &moisturised the marks are still there so the tan doesn't actually go on as nice as what I would like. It looks a little tacky in all honesty. I actually loved St-moriz but I don't fancy looking patchy on my arms? Although I suppose it was bound to happen when you only pay £4 for tan!

So I am considering trying a £6 tan called Solait it's superdrugs own brand my friend Lowri recently tried it for her birthday night out and it actually looked amazing! Doesn't smell half as bad as the St-moriz tan did either. I know £6 is still cheap but it's worth a try. I might also try some more Rimmel tans as I always apply a lotion before I go out of the Rimmel tan, which is a little more expensive.

Any body got any tips I could try before I give up on St-moriz all together? Any body suggest some good tans for me to try?

Peace out beauts xx

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