Tuesday, 3 January 2012

dusk till dawn

I hate bed time so much, because I hate nightmares and I hate the dark. 
Yes I may be 21 but lets face it, we all still have them! 

I woke myself up mumbling and shouting in my sleep, I physically hate nightmares! 
When your little its ok because your mom and dad will come tuck you in bed and check under the bed or in your wardrobe for any "monster" but now at my age you have to remember its only a dream even if it did seem real, and its a right pain not even going to lie! 

My best solution so far, even though this is only the first nightmare in like years lol, put on a night light it really helps! It's like a little comfort. Helps me anyway! 

Random post over with anyway, just liked to share that with you. Haha. Any other help me sleep remedies welcome just in case I have another one...

Sleep tight all xo


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