Thursday, 19 January 2012


 I'd like to apologise for my picture quality, I need a new camera. 


What you need:
nail polish - white, 2 types of pink (or any colour if you don't have pink), glitter polish, black & top coat.
sponge - this does not have to be a kitchen sponge but I had to improvise
Nail art tool to do your hearts, I used a make-up brush which normally is used to apply lipstick!   
And of course some tissue/paper, this could get messy. 
How to do it:
1. Paint all your fingers white. 
2. Then using your sponge, tip some of both your pink colours onto either tissue or paper and dab a corner of your sponge in it. 
3. Been very gentle in a corner of each finger dab your sponge with your first chosen pink colour, now this doesn't have to be perfect, remember its meant to look a little messy. 
4. Now using your second pink colour do the same again... Allow to dry.
5. With your glitter polish apply it to only the sections you have coloured pink to look super snazzy. 
6. Once dry using your tool, brush or whatever you have to use draw on a heart shape on all your fingers, now they can be small or big! 
7. Finally apply your top coat and your done! 

As easy as that.
If you need more help though please comment below and I'll happily try and upload a video for you :) 

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